Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The thrown-away winning race ticket wasn't worth as much as I had thought (i had looked at the bookie price) but still, it's a lesson to learn.
My roll of Scotch Crystal Clear Tape ran out today. It had been my favourite sellotape, with its little red tartan plastic dispenser, slightly thicker in width and excellent adhesive quality. The dispenser has the recycling sign on it, but there's no identity to where it was made - must be for universal market, with english/french and metric/inches.
Similarly appreciated are my favourite pens of the moment : the bandaged bear day pen (quite the most comfortable charity pen I've ever bought - luckily my local shop are still selling them, and at $3 a pop i stock up!) and the Staedtler Triplus ball F (bought when pen-less on the road) which is quite the most comfortable pen with its new-pencil-like-length and three-sided grip.
I didn't do much about the synopsis yesterday, as the paper said there was a book of Sudo Ku down at the newsagents; there sure was, and most of them are 'difficult' - and that's very true. I'll need a new white-out pen soon! However, they are very useful in :
  • putting off other tasks (!)
  • aiding concentration
  • the power of preparation : being patient enough to really find all the absolute nowhere-else-to-go numbers
  • keeping level headed; writing the right number in the spot instead of greedilly looking for the next clue and absent-mindedly putting the wrong number in the right spot, or the right number in the wrong spot
  • learning to retain long-term-useless information so can back-track at the time of puzzling
  • releasing sense of humour when realise cant continue due to former mistake, and the fact that one DID make a mistake
  • being able to think forward in head with clarity and precision and avoiding quick presumptions without proper deductive conclusions
  • the power of inference!
  • the power of practise, knowledge, technique, confidence, patience and perseverance.
  • admitting some of them are reallyhard!
On with the day, this is it ;-)


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