Sunday, July 10, 2005

Found two old textbooks; looking for Creating Competent Communication (Hugenberg/Moyer-Patsey, 1997) after i found the student manual, instead found Getting Ready to Negotiate (Fisher and Ertel, 1995). I studied the subject within a business sub/major and didn't do that well; it's probably not the best type of subject to do by correspondence! In fact I don't think i've even attempted to read these books right through...

Have caught myself in various slouches, frowns and other inwardly unconfident poses, and postively reinforced better stance and mood, i was therefore happier when i subconsciously started to stretch my back when looking for the book. Two ladies that i smiled at yesterday didn't come out of such behaviour; it's not been long since i could have had that reaction (and ages since it consumed me), but being automatically smiled at in the street is such a present... totally voluntary and no harm meant otherwise... just that the negative anger that can slightly show itself couldn't be much fun. Last tuesday a lady talked to me as i passed the bus-stop she was at because a couple with pram had just rudely pushed past her. She said things aren't like that where she comes from, everyone is polite to each other.

I like reading a book on a Sunday. Corse, if something comes up, i didn't read a book that day. And it may not be a whole book. But if i do manage to find the Hugenberg/Moyer-Patsey one, i'll start it - not forgetting the library books atop here were taken out for a reason ;-)


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