Monday, July 11, 2005

It was quite late before I felt like the sunday reading of a book - after i'd read the paper twice, cut out the coupons for the dream car competition, and caught up on the monthly glossy mag from the city's main paper. The day before I'd half-heartedly begun to tidy up the books, and out came a pile of children's books I'd gotten cheap from the library; including Finn's Island by Eileen Dunlop (1991). It was an entrancing tale, full of whimsical undertones such as we can't choose our parents but in the end it is possible to come to terms with them and be yourself as well; we can dream our lives away, but the most amazing coincidences can appear to ground us; money isn't everything but being able to take initiative and counsell from others can help it balance out with living expenses; and - close to my heart - plants hold amazing properties than can help humans!

The coincidence factor was continued on with a story about the cyclist Lance Armstrong's victory over cancer on tv in the evening (Sixty Minutes). Coincidence, synergy, syncronicity : one of the most important facets still to be scientifically measured. I woke up realising it will be, quite soon (In next 50 years). Not, maybe, as astute as Colin Wilson's Factor X!

I will have to force myself to get down and do the synopsis today.


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