Sunday, July 10, 2005

After cutting out all the goods that i would buy today if i had the money, from a brochure inside the sunday paper:-

  • microwave $229
  • portable dvd $599
  • gastop/electric oven $1995
  • LCD tv $699
  • home theatre package $1287
  • side-by-side fridge $2199

(therefore imagining spending around $7000 on credit), I turned to the horse-racing results.

I hadn't meant to bet at all, but was determined to go see what it was like wearing my new glasses. They just didn't look 'me' at home, and in fact the local shopkeeper said the same thing, and didn't want me to wear them. I could see the board however; and in this particular race Jon Ron came up from a bad start and last position to win; what i hadn't noticed was that Mr Marvellous had indeed come second.

The pub is a bit shaken at the moment, with the new non-smoking law. A lady i didnt see much but is a great friend of a friend, was there, and looking at her through the new glasses i nodded, but continued watching the before-race coverage. Then another mate said they were all going outside for a smoke. (bit like smokos at work! i'd not go there to smoke, but for the company) I watched the race, didn't hear either of my horses, and went to join them, which turned to her. It's unusual there being another lady in the crowd, and sure enough when a mate returned they'd been involved in a ribald joke concerning her and the name of a horse in the next race (that came 4th) There was a draw for losing tickets at 5pm, but i didn't intend on staying long and nor did she so she didn't want it, and so after fiddling with it I chucked it in an ashtray. I'm on a strict budget and so had to go before I accepted a drink and then another....

Not that the fact it had really been worth 125% more than i bought it for, but the fact that i let distraction win over cold hard cash; and also that the glasses aren't social. I need a snazzy pair, and a better attitude when i go to buy them. I guess in retrospect if I really looked at the board, instead of giving up because I heard it had come 4th, which is a bit of a mystery but they may have corrected as i left second after I'd heard '4th', I would have stayed and bet the winnings and bought another drink.
    Morale of this story :
  • never throw away a tab ticket straight away
  • admit that when I heard 4th, it was '4', and the number of the horse that had come second!!!

The other thing i retrieved from the paper is a 'farmstay' location. The picture resembled Loweswater Lake - not that i've been there for 40 years apart from in spirit, as one can say (!) Sort of the very place that if i'd done a J.K. and become England's richest woman i would have bought the childhood holiday house.

Talking of J.K., with her weekend coming up, I was - before immersed in work stress - going to have at least the third and final plot for my second attempt at a novel finished before the second last book made everyone dream of writing the world's most popular book. Well, well, the stress has ended and there is still time. Isn't life wonderful.

Another thing i haven't done is draw, which is partly due to the fact my hands shake. Maybe i can stop them shaking, which brings me back to the list of stress symptoms in the first posting of this blog, under a week ago : so i thought it expedient to re-visit it.

  • not being able to relax out of work simple:when thoughts/worry about it come up, think on loved ones instead. if stress happens at work; similarly, think on what carries through life, not this particular situation apart from the best possible solution to the 'crisis', however mini
  • overload become aware of best work practice and how much can be achieved (time management, prioritisation, teamwork, planning) within own delegation
  • eyesight compensate by training my memory to take over as much as possible and to centre in on details so that eyes are not overly used
  • shaking exercise, relaxation, concentration on body workings, practice
  • making mistakes at work affirmative action with overload and carrying out tasks; and taking up 'outside' work again with hope that it becomes lucrative
Realising I threw away a winning ticket was a relevation that actually made me laugh just now, and it was well worth losing the little profit that i had made to realise such fallibility- as well as noticing a relaxed happy composure had taken over from the stress and angry determination of last week. It was a matter of glossing over detail because of something else that had taken priority, and if i can learn that lesson today, so that I don't make the mistake again, and especially not at work, it will have been worth it. I shall write it into a scene from this book whose plot needs to be complete by Friday for my life to fall into place again!


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